A Distance Learning Schedule (Elementary Students) from a Teacher

distance learning daily schedule

As a teacher, the whole idea of distance learning makes me cringe. I believe that students should be in the classroom where they learn best.  

Unfortunately, this might just not be possible this school year – which means parents are going to need to step up & ensure learning is happening at home & a distance learning schedule needs to be put into place.  

You will most likely be assigned a teacher, meet regularly, & have homework – but it’s critical to have a schedule in place just in case.  

Your teacher may give you one themselves, but if they don’t – you can download my distance learning schedule for free. Education is so important, let’s not forget this.  

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What does Distance Learning Look Like? 

Unless you have made the choice to be a homeschool teacher, learning at home isn’t fun for you. I get it.  
It’s not easy to convince your kids to do their work & stay focused. I have five years of experience doing this & each kid is so different and at completely different levels.  

I’ve had the kids that can’t wait to learn more & will do anything I put in front of them and I’ve had the kids that don’t want to do anything. Hopefully, yours isn’t the latter – but it’s doable.  
Distance learning can look different in your home than in other homes. Please do not think that you have to fall into some kind of perfect family mold to do distance learning.  

distance learning schedule elementary template

For Parents who work out of the home (or in the home) 

Some of you will have to work outside of the home during the day & won’t be able to babysit your kids while they are supposed to be doing their schoolwork.  

This is a hard truth & schools are going to have to come to terms with it. We can’t expect all kids to be working on schedule throughout the day.  

I have both a schedule for those that can’t really do a schedule, & those who want a dedicated hour by hour schedule.  

Either way, I got you.  

If you work outside of the home, you can still set expectations for your children while they are home. Especially if they are in middle school or high school.  

Many of you will have older children watching their younger siblings. Please do not put too much pressure on these older kids. Set the expectations & it’s up to each child to adhere.  

Don’t make your older children force your younger children to work. They can help & they can provide reminders, but they shouldn’t be the disciplinarian.  

They are not teachers & they shouldn’t have to be.  

virtual school schedule template

Set Expectations for each child: 

You will have children that will work just because they want to learn. This is great, but for those that don’t have this same desire you can set expectations even from outside of the home.  

  1. Set some type of schedule at home so that your child knows what they should be doing and when.  
  1. Sit down with your child when you get home from work & ask them what they learned & completed that day.  
  1. If they did not finish their schoolwork, ensure that they finish it & give some sort of consequence (loss of privileges will be key here).  
  1. Remind your child that we have to put our schoolwork before play time (which is hard when they are home all day long).  
  1. Take some time to help your child if you can.  

I know that it’s going to be difficult. You’ve worked all day long & now you are expected to come home & help your child with schoolwork.  

My hope is that this is for a short amount of time & soon your child will be able to get the help from his teacher. I know I can’t wait to help my students face to face again.  

distance learning plan elementary school | distance learning schedule middle school

For Parents who don’t work  

This is the ideal situation for distance learning. The hope is that each family has at least one adult that can stay home & work with their children.  

This can be a grandparent, an older babysitter (that doesn’t have to distance learn themselves), or the parent of the child.  

This just makes it much easier to direct your child to what they should and shouldn’t be doing during the day.  
You should try to set up your schedule to match a typical school schedule, if you can.  

Here’s what mine looks like:  

8:30 – 9:00Bell Work
9:00 – 10:00Writing & Grammar
10:00 – 11:00Math
11:00 – 12:00ELA
12:00 – 1:00Lunch & Recess
1:00 – 2:00Spelling & Computer Lab
2:00 – 3:00Science, Social Studies, &/or Specials

The day begins at 8:30 & ends at 3:00. If you can stick to a schedule like this at home, it’s going to be the best experience for your child.  

What do I teach my Elementary child at home?  

Hopefully, the school that you have your child enrolled in is giving you materials and curriculum to complete at home.  

However, if you want some materials to add in or feel you need more, I have some great (& affordable) recommendations.  


 180 Days of Kindergarten Practice 

  • Kindergarten Workbook Set for Kids Ages 4-6 
  • Includes 6 Assorted Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, Grammar, and Sight Word Skills 

1st Grade:

180 Days of First Grade Practice 

  • 1st Grade Workbook Set for Kids Ages 5-7 
  • Includes 6 Assorted First Grade Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, and Sight Word Skills  

2nd Grade:

180 Days of Second Grade Practice 

  • 2nd Grade Workbook Set for Kids Ages 6-8 
  • Includes 6 Assorted 2nd Grade Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, and Sight Word Skills 

3rd Grade:

180 Days of Third Grade Practice 

  • 3rd Grade Workbook Set for Kids Ages 7-9
  • Includes 6 Assorted 3rd Grade Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, and Sight Word Skills 

4th Grade:

180 Days of Fourth Grade Practice 

  • 4th Grade Workbook Set for Kids Ages 8-10 
  • Includes 6 Assorted 4th Grade Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, and Sight Word Skills 

5th Grade:

180 Days of Fifth Grade Practice 

  • 5th Grade Workbook Set for Kids Ages 9-11
  • Includes 6 Assorted 5th Grade Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, and Sight Word Skills 

6th Grade:

180 Days of Sixth Grade Practice 

  • 6th Grade Workbook Set for Kids Ages 10-12
  • Includes 6 Assorted 6th Grade Workbooks to Practice Math, Reading, and Sight Word Skills 

distance learning schedule for elementary students

For the computer lab, I highly recommend Khan Academy for your kids. It’s a free program that I use with my students. You can find math, reading, grammar, science, & even life skills all for free.  

If you have a younger child, ABC Mouse is wonderful. Jolene loves it (you can grab a free month here to see if you like it).  

Distance Learning Schedule – Elementary Students 

I’ve created 2 different daily schedules for your elementary school students.  

First, you have two pages of with allotted times for your children to be working on specific school assignments. There’s a place for you to write exactly what is expected for each subject each day.  

Your child can also check off the day of the week once they are finished.  

The second two pages are the same thing but without specific time frames. This way your child can complete their work at any time during the day.  

distance learning schedule template
sample distance learning schedule
Grab the Distance Learning daily Schedules (FREE) Here

Remember that only you can decide what’s right for your child. Whether you decide to keep them home or send them to school, it’s your decision & don’t feel bad about it.  

As a teacher, I work full-time & my husband works full time. I don’t have a choice. If I’m at school – Jolene will be there too. It’s either there or daycare (which is safer?). 

Keeping your child at home won’t be easy, but you can do it. Reach out for help when you need it & contact your school for more resources.  

Feel free to send me an email or comment below & I’ll help where I can.  

Good luck, Mamma – You got this.  

Will you be sending your child to school or keeping them home? 

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