Author: Josephine

Becoming a Scentsy Consultant (First Day!)

So, I did a thing. I signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to go, but I’m ready for a new adventure. I’m not looking to start a new career or anything – I love teaching, just something fun to do on the side.

The truth is – I love Scentsy. I was introduced to it many years ago by my Step-mom & fell in love instantly. I love a house with a sweet-smelling fragrance.

I also have cats, so I like to hide that smell too.

I recently started looking into buying some Scentsy products & realized that I do not know a single person who sells them.

Fortunately, around that same time, one of my friends was hosting a party through one of her friends, so I was able to purchase some products.

That’s when I decided. I should try to sell Scentsy. I mean why not?

I reached out to the “friend of a friend” & she told me all about it. She’s actually fairly new at it as well, which I loved.

I’d rather work with someone with a little more experience than me, than someone who knows the whole game and will just tell me how to do it.

I want guidance, but I also want to make my own path. Who knows where this could lead. I’m just excited to get started!

Here’s what I did –

How to become a Scentsy Consultant

  1. Contact your Consultant

    If you don’t have one, find one.

  2. Ask all your questions

    Ask as many questions as you need to feel confident about joining. I didn’t have many, but I was ready to jump in.

  3. Pay for a Starter Kit

    You have to pay for a starter kit, this is the only money out of your pocket. They start at 99$, but you can get one as low as 59$ if you host a party. (More on this soon!)

  4. Choose your Site name

    You will do this when you are getting your kit. I chose because it’s easy to remember. Once you check out, your site is up and running. You get it free for 3 months, then it’s 10$ per month after that.

  5. Create a FB Group, Website, or Both

    Choose how you will reach out to people. I chose both. I would love for you to Join my VIP Facebook Group Here – Choose your Scent(sy) with Josephine.

  6. Start Selling

    Once your site is up, you can start to sell immediately. Just direct your friends & family to your new site.

This is as far as I’ve gotten so far; but let the journey begin.